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New Year's is over. Pack the CrazyStrings away.
New Year's is long over. Pack the CrazyStrings hack away until next year.
New Year's is long over. Pack the CrazyStrings away until next year.
[Is this getting borr-ring? Yes, I think so, too...]
Usual New Year's CrazyString hack. [See below.]
New Year's is long over. Pack the Crazy Strings away until next year.
Drag out the C r a z y S t r i n g function once again. (Just for a few days, promise!)
Fixed broken link on changes page [thanks to <wjyoung3>].
Images from The Blackout: My friend Dave Yost took a couple of "before" & "after" satellite pictures from the NOAA website and glued them together into a GIF animation that makes it easier to see what failed. Locally-cached copies of the originals are there, too.
New Year's is over. Pack away the Crazy Strings until next year.
Not much content here yet, I admit, but at least the !@#!%* "Under Construction" sign is finally gone (shamed away by Eric Raymond's fine rant on the topic [in the "Content Hell" section]).